Miracle news reports

Since about July 2010 the Glory Life Zentrum Assembly has been experiencing an ever increasing manifestation of the Glory of God in Jesus Christ, out of which the most remarkable and notable miracles, healings, signs and wonders have occurred.  This happens again and again in the special “Glory and Miracle services” but also in the “normal services”.
The power of God goes into the people attending these services and is then also released in their everyday lives, in their jobs, their families, their social circles and even into the streets and places of our region!

As a result of this outpouring of the Spirit, during the last months and years far over a thousand people have been healed and set free as a result of sometimes extremely spectacular miracles: God has supernaturally recreated limbs and body parts; deaf ears and blind eyes have been opened, medically “incurable” diseases like all sorts of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many others have been healed, destroyed nerves, vertebras, ligaments, bones etc. have been restored; metal in bodies has spontaneously disappeared as well as kilograms of fat cells (up to 42 pounds) and even wrinkles!

Thus we can really say: We serve a creative God!

Furthermore, many hundreds of people from all walks of life have received the new Life through Jesus Christ!

It looks as though this is the start of a powerful, supernatural movement of God working through His dear sons and daughters here on earth!

We wish to keep you in the picture on this site as to the goings on and will continually post news on selected especially spectacular miracles that have happened. Enjoy these shared reports of what God is up to these days, and let them encourage you: there is absolutely nothing impossible for God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!
Your Glory Life Zentrum Team

Reports January 2016

-She nearly died as a baby and spent 12 weeks in hospital because of an acute lung problem. Since then she has had a stamp in her vaccination record. A few years ago the doctor saw shadows/scars on her lung and was worried about her. At a Miracle and Glory service Pastor Georg prayed specifically for lung problems, and this lady went up front and gave testimony that she was suddenly able to breathe better. In the meantime she has been to the doctor and he couldn’t find any trace of the previous problems on the X-ray – no scars and no more shadows!

-A lady’s brother in Kenya had bone cancer. He was in hospital and had metastases along the spine and in his bones. That was in January 2015. The doctors told him that he would die in February. Someone from Glory Life heard about this situation and prayed for complete healing for him with one of the healing team. Shortly afterwards his values improved and this man was dismissed from hospital. In summer, long after the “death deadline”, his sister attended a Glory Life service in order to thank God that He had saved and healed her brother!

-The “clock miracle” that, since 2012, often occurs in connection with Glory and Miracle services (see the Miracle News from November/December 2012), manifested once again. This time in a family that had taken part for the first time in a Glory Life Miracle Weekend in Hamburg. At home, after the family had a praise and worship time together, at 8 p.m. the radio-controlled alarm clock in the lounge suddenly started to race and stopped at 0:00. From then it went4 hours forward for exactly 4 hours (despite it being radio-controlled). It then raced again and landed on the correct time and has been functioning normally since then. To get the meaning of this often occurring manifested sign of God that happens with individuals that experience the glory, then please read about it in Pastor Georg Karl’s book “A Journey into the Glory”, pages 297 to 300!

-During the Glory and Miracle Service on the 12th and 13th December, Pastor Georg prayed for a girl that had big problems with learning at school. Within a few days there was a big change in that she was able to do sums that were impossible for her before!

Reports December 2015

-The Glory and Miracle Weekend in Hamburg from 12th to 13th December 2015 was the most powerful and intense that we’ve had as yet!
The power of God, as well as his profound love, was set free in a mighty way. Everything was clothed in a mantel of glory and many miracles and healings, deep inner transformations as well as conversions took place in the Leonardo Hotel!

*As a result of an operation a lady had severed nerves under her arm whereby everything was numb for years. In the miracle service the nerves joined up again through the creative power of God and she had feeling in her skin again!

*Almost all her life, a lady had acute problems with her cervical spine. She often had to wear a cervical collar and couldn’t move her neck without pain. The power of God touched her during the miracle service and she then demonstrated her complete healing in front of the congregation!

*A lady had metastasis in her bones and therefore had movement disabilities. During the miracle service all disabilities left her, and she hopped and jumped around in the room!

*Many people were healed from deafness, either in one ear or both!

*Many people’s eyes were healed – dots were no longer visible before the eyes!

Reports October 2015

 -The Glory and Miracle Weekend in Hamburg from 24-25 October was accompanied by the mighty presence of God and the manifestation of His glory!
The word of God went out with mighty power and authority and many many people were healed, delivered and saved, and God exalted himself with mighty miracles in our midst.

With power from above the Body of Christ was prepared and equipped in order to be able to stand during the coming times and to be able to speak the gospel followed with signs and miracles!

The especially outstanding miracles were:

*A lady had splay feet and felt her feet get into the proper form during a healing prayer. Her foot form has improved significantly and her gait is now normal!

*5 people’s flat feet were healed – through the creative power and glory of God their feet suddenly had arches!

*A man had different size feet and experienced during prayer how his bigger foot shrunk to the size of his smaller foot!

*A lady was short of breath because her lungs lacked volume. After prayer she was able to breathe normally. She was also healed from heart problems and she received new arches for her feet through the creative power of God!

Reports November 2015

-A lady in the Glory Life Zentrum Healing Team had a dream. She dreamt of a 6-8 year old boy who was screaming in pain and she knew intuitionally that he had leukemia.
When she attended the prayer group at work she asked if any of her colleagues knew of a boy of that age that had leukemia.
One of her colleagues said that his nephew of that age suffered with leukemia. They all prayed together and set free complete healing from cancer.
When the lady next attended a prayer meeting the man reported that his nephew was now completely healed

-A lady from Glory Life Hamburg gave witness that she recently was able to pray for one of her boss’s business acquaintances. She had a word of knowledge that he had carpal tunnel syndrome. He actually did and he was even going to have an operation on his hand. A few days after she had prayed for him she heard from her boss that the man’s hand is now fine and an operation is no longer necessary!

Reports September 2015

-A powerful presence of the Glory was set free during the Glory and Miracle Weekend from 19th to 20th September, and on the Saturday at the Kronprinzplatz in Stuttgart hundreds of people heard the gospel preached with power and witnessed many people being touched by God with healings and miracles. At least 15 people were born again and many were deeply touched and some profoundly moved through words of knowledge.

*Through a word of knowledge, a lady was healed from the consequences of a shoulder fracture whereby the bones hadn’t grown correctly together.

*Another lady was also called forward by God through a word of knowledge. Her legs had a difference in length of 2 cm which caused pain in her back and hips. When she was prayed for all eyes saw how her leg grew to the correct length and her complaints disappeared!

*A man was healed of a continual headache and said “I feel like I’m in another world!”

*An elderly man who suffered from the loss of a loved one was deeply touched by the love of God and was delivered from this pain.

*Many people received prayer and were delivered from pain and other ailments. Many testified, “I’ve never known or heard of something like this before!” etc…