Foot pain disappears and the perception of a supernatural fragrance

Dear Glory Life Team,
Last weekend I was at your church when Joshua Mills was there.
For some weeks I had pain in my left foot. It felt similar to a pain I’d experienced in my other foot that once had a hairline fracture. I had not gone to the doctor because I knew I’d be visiting your service. When George preached on Saturday morning I laid my hand on my foot and that was it. I can only say that over the whole weekend and also now I no longer have pain in my foot. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!
On Sunday morning when Joshua Mills preached I could smell a strong fragrance of anointing oil. The scent came in waves and was very strong. I don’t know what kind of anointing oil it was – it was very spicy and a little tangy. The fragrance began when Pastor George spoke of the new Glory House and continued all the way through the time with Joshua. I continually breathed it in deeply and later asked Joshua was this fragrance could mean. He said it could be the anointing of the King.
So much flowed together for me on this weekend. Questions and uncertainties that I had were answered – it was indescribable.
Thank you very much.
Be richly blessed with EVERYTHING from His fullness. Best regards,
I.J. Fuerstenfeldbruck.