A foot healed

Dear George and Irina, 

Today our son forgot what he had for homework. I couldn’t reach any of the parents with whom I normally phoned. I then called the mother of a girl I hadn’t seen for a long time. She told me that she had broken her foot before the summer vacation and still couldn’t walk properly. I asked her if I may pray for her over the phone. She laid her hand on her foot and I spoke a miracle into the broken bones. She then tested it and said everything felt much lighter. She walked a few steps and said, “Unbelievable – this wasn’t possible 2 minutes ago!” She then asked her daughter how she looked when she walked. The daughter answered that it looked almost normal (she still had the metal plate in her shoe).  She was overwhelmed and said that I always turn up at the right moment. (The miracles simply come to us when we reach out for them! And this is really awesome!) Thank you Dear George and Irina for breaking new ground and the sowing into the Glory and into the sons with your good example and teaching!