Heavenly music in the car

Going home from church in my car I sang in tongues. As I reached my town I suddenly heard the whistling of a flute. I looked around in the car to see where it came from; I checked if a window wasn’t closed properly or if it came from the ventilation. While I was driving and wondering about this something powerful happened. Even more tones could be heard and it was as though a portal opened up above me so that I could see into heaven… I can hardly put this in words. Indescribable praise and worship music came down. It was like a thousand voices mixed with bells and various instruments. A tingling went through my body and I had to be careful driving my car. It was so powerful and exceptionally beautiful. It’s difficult to describe but it was like the music dropped down on me. I couldn’t do anything myself. When I eventually stood in my drive I heard the words that God wants to create music of praise through me and I said, “Yes!”