Supernatural supply in purse and mailbox

Dear Pastor Georg,
Two weeks ago the Holy Spirit told me to put my purse in the basket in which the cloths are blessed (according to Acts 19:12). I was obedient and did this. I had €5 in my purse.
When I got home that evening I opened my purse to give my husband the €5 and noticed there were 4 x €50 bills in it. Praise the Lord! God showed me once again how important it is to trust Him about things that us people just don’t understand.
During the same week I emptied our mailbox only to find an envelope without a name on it. I opened it and there was €100 in it.
Three days after that when I went to fetch the post from the mailbox there was a letter in it from my boss telling me that I would be getting a rise as from November. Hallelujah, God supplies my needs 100 %.

All honor to Him!