Wrist watch starts to supernaturally work again

Dear Pastors Georg and Irina,
I have experienced a miracle with my watch.
When I woke up on 5 August I heard the Holy Spirit say, “The time is now new”.
I then went to church and we celebrated communion.
When I got home I noticed that my watch wasn’t working. The Holy Spirit then reminded that I have another watch. The inner face was warped so, since 2016, the watch did not function properly. The watch is of high quality and I really like it which is why I never threw it away. When I moved my apartment in 2017 I had this watch in my hand again and took it with even though it didn’t function. It was exactly this watch tht the Holy Spirit had reminded me of after the church service on 5 August 2018. I looked at the watch and saw that it was working. Since then this watch is working perfectly as well as my other one.
Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy.
Best wishes,