Miracle Report from a Glory House Group

A lady told us that since she married 21 years ago she had always asked her husband to come to church with her – his excuse was he had no time.
He came once to our Glory House Group and once to church. Since then he (a few weeks ago now) always comes with and recently also prayed for others.

We prayed that a lady would be baptized and filled by the Holy Spirit. Suddenly there was gold dust on her lips and she began to speak in tongues.
Praise the Lord! Another lady was scared of the cold outside and was also anxious about her children because they were not yet born again.
When we prayed for her, spirits left her with screams and crying. This was the first time her friend who had come with her for the second time experienced deliverance. She really wants to come to a service in our church now.  At the last Glory House Group we prayed for a man who had minus 39 hours on his flextime record, and they were not getting less.
The following morning when he got to work he noticed that he now only had minus 2 hours on his working time account.  A file was missing in the bookkeeping department where a lady worked. We prayed that it would appear and the next day when she got to work it was suddenly on the shelf again.  Another lady in our Glory House Group told us that her daughter always found money - €5 on her pillow, €20 under her pillow and more…
One day her beanie disappeared and they looked everywhere for it but could not find it and bought another. Suddenly the beanie appeared the following day in her school bag (where they had already looked). The daughter called out, “Mom, mom, that is Jesus!”
Praise the Lord.