Several miracles in Glory House home group

A married couple brought a man with them to the last home group meeting. He believed in God but not that Jesus is God and man. On speaking to him I found out that he had been very sick a year ago. He was very close to death and an angel appeared to him. He did not understand this experience. During Home Group I noticed how the Lord touched him. In the meantime the Holy Spirit reminded me of a story in the Bible which was similar to his experience. At the end he changed his mind about Jesus and accepted Him as his Lord and as God. We prayed for the Holy Spirit to fill him. 

Thank you Jesus!
During praise and worship I saw that the Lord wanted to heal feet. As a result, I set healing free for feet. Immediately a man reported that the pain in his heel was completely gone.
Thank you Jesus!
Some home group participants testified to the rematerialisation of lost things like clothes, important documents and necklaces.
During the last home group we prayed for a man's hips. On Tuesday he said his hips were “okay”.
Thank you Jesus!