Titanium hips replaced with healthy bones and the lady also receives a new heart!

I wish to give testimony of the miracles which all took place at the Glory Life Zentrum.
During 2012 and 2013 I had titanium hip replacements done. As a result I had continual problems – pain in the hips and backache. I could only sit and stand up at a specific angle and with that I was even in pain and my movement abilities were limited. When I went through the security check at airports the alarm would go off because of my metal hips and I always had to produce my medical pass.


During a Healing Service at the beginning of 2014 Pastor Georg received a word of knowledge that God wished to dissolve metal in the body and I went forward for prayer. I could jump immediately and had no more pain!!! Since then I can do all the day-to-day things that I was unable to do since the hip replacements – jumping, dancing, running, wear high heels and stand on my feet all day!
Recently I was on holiday and took two flights. The security check alarms didn’t go off once!!!
Back then I told my doctors, “You will operate metal hips into me and God will convert them to normal, healthy hips.” The doctors were surprised and said, “I would like to have your faith” – and that is exactly what happened! Halleluja!!!!
In addition God gave me a new heart during a church service about 6 months ago. I had been to the doctor and he said that I have the heart of an 80 year old.
After the healing the doctor was speechless and confirmed that my heart was that of a “young deer”!
Lots of love, Pavlina