Personal miracles reports

Since about July 2010 the Glory Life Zentrum Assembly has been experiencing an ever increasing manifestation of the Glory of God in Jesus Christ, out of which the most remarkable and notable miracles, healings, signs and wonders have occurred.  This happens again and again in the special “Glory and Miracle services” but also in the “normal services”.
The power of God goes into the people attending these services and is then also released in their everyday lives, in their jobs, their families, their social circles and even into the streets and places of our region!

As a result of this outpouring of the Spirit, during the last months and years far over a thousand people have been healed and set free as a result of sometimes extremely spectacular miracles: God has supernaturally recreated limbs and body parts; deaf ears and blind eyes have been opened, medically “incurable” diseases like all sorts of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many others have been healed, destroyed nerves, vertebras, ligaments, bones etc. have been restored; metal in bodies has spontaneously disappeared as well as kilograms of fat cells (up to 42 pounds) and even wrinkles!

Thus we can really say: We serve a creative God!

Furthermore, many hundreds of people from all walks of life have received the new Life through Jesus Christ!

It looks as though this is the start of a powerful, supernatural movement of God working through His dear sons and daughters here on earth!

We wish to keep you in the picture on this site as to the goings on and will continually post news on selected especially spectacular miracles that have happened. Enjoy these shared reports of what God is up to these days, and let them encourage you: there is absolutely nothing impossible for God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!
Your Glory Life Zentrum Team

List of articles in category Personal miracles reports
Title Published Date
Delivered from obsessive–compulsive disorders, depression and the inability to keep friends 14 July 2014
A supposedly handicapped pre-born baby is born into the world completely healthy! 21 June 2014
Delivered from acute abdominal pain 21 June 2014
Healed from heart problems and delivered from shingles 21 June 2014
Healed from food allergy 31 May 2014
Pain in the spine gone! 31 May 2014
Wisdom teeth no longer need extraction! 31 May 2014
Healed after 18years of back pain! 31 May 2014
Knee accidently healed! 31 May 2014
Pine supernaturally made straight 31 May 2014
Cervical vertebra moved into the correct position 31 May 2014
Healed from skin cancer! 31 May 2014
Liver tests become normal! 31 May 2014
Lost earring suddenly reappears! 31 May 2014
Crutches unnecessary – foot supernaturally healed! 31 May 2014
Teenagers experience golddust! 31 May 2014
The end to loss of hair and hot flashes! 31 May 2014
23 kg weight loss! 31 May 2014
Healing from a pinched nerve and movement disability 31 May 2014
Lady with MS gets up from her wheelchair 11 January 2014
Children experience the miracle power of God! 11 January 2014
Feet have now the same size 11 January 2014
Foot shrinks and many other miracles! 05 December 2013
A twisted leg since childhood is made straight! 05 December 2013
Whilst watching a sermon video, healed of burns and short-sightedness 05 December 2013