Personal miracles reports

Since about July 2010 the Glory Life Zentrum Assembly has been experiencing an ever increasing manifestation of the Glory of God in Jesus Christ, out of which the most remarkable and notable miracles, healings, signs and wonders have occurred.  This happens again and again in the special “Glory and Miracle services” but also in the “normal services”.
The power of God goes into the people attending these services and is then also released in their everyday lives, in their jobs, their families, their social circles and even into the streets and places of our region!

As a result of this outpouring of the Spirit, during the last months and years far over a thousand people have been healed and set free as a result of sometimes extremely spectacular miracles: God has supernaturally recreated limbs and body parts; deaf ears and blind eyes have been opened, medically “incurable” diseases like all sorts of cancer, diabetes, epilepsy and many others have been healed, destroyed nerves, vertebras, ligaments, bones etc. have been restored; metal in bodies has spontaneously disappeared as well as kilograms of fat cells (up to 42 pounds) and even wrinkles!

Thus we can really say: We serve a creative God!

Furthermore, many hundreds of people from all walks of life have received the new Life through Jesus Christ!

It looks as though this is the start of a powerful, supernatural movement of God working through His dear sons and daughters here on earth!

We wish to keep you in the picture on this site as to the goings on and will continually post news on selected especially spectacular miracles that have happened. Enjoy these shared reports of what God is up to these days, and let them encourage you: there is absolutely nothing impossible for God! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!
Your Glory Life Zentrum Team

List of articles in category Personal miracles reports
Title Published Date
Different sized feet become the same size – no more two different size shoes! 05 December 2014
A deaf ear hears the same as the good one! 05 December 2014
A man from our church prayed for a carer and she is healed permanently from a pinched sciatic nerve! 05 December 2014
Crooked finger as a result of a motor bike accident is completely restored! 05 December 2014
Straightening of a weak crooked neck and crooked thoracic spine – lady grows another 3 – 4 cm! 05 December 2014
Wedding ring that was missed für years gets rematerialised 10 November 2014
The recreation of a skew toe, half joined toes and a tiny toe 30 October 2014
Earrings rematerialize! 30 October 2014
Free from acute problems in the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae 30 October 2014
Healed from flat feet 30 October 2014
Healed from a ruptured slipped disc – doctor says it’s a miracle! 10 October 2014
Healed from inoperable cancer of the larynx and neighbor healed from Parkinson symptoms! 22 September 2014
Cyst disappears from lower abdomen! 22 September 2014
Eye operation cancelled because cataract disappears - and hips are healed! 08 August 2014
Titanium hips replaced with healthy bones and the lady also receives a new heart! 29 July 2014
A new spine and the renewal of height 29 July 2014
Thyroids healed – medicine no longer necessary! 29 July 2014
For a lover of meat: sausages grow in the pan! 29 July 2014
Numb and painful toes healed! 29 July 2014
Angel moves an oncoming car into the correct lane! 29 July 2014
Delivered from rejection – a new love for God! 14 July 2014
Stiff ankle and flat feet healed 14 July 2014
Healed from shoulder impingement syndrome! 14 July 2014
Delivered from obsessive–compulsive disorders, depression and the inability to keep friends 14 July 2014
A supposedly handicapped pre-born baby is born into the world completely healthy! 21 June 2014