Supernatural provision after sowing a seed in Uganda

I attended the conference organized by Pastor George Karl in Uganda/
Tororo for 2 days.

On Day 2 as he was leaving to continue his journey, we were
thankful that he funded this event and also blessed us spiritually. I
however felt sad that we had not even the smallest gift to appreciate
him for what he deposited in us.
Knowing that blessed is the hand that gives,I really desired to tap into
the blessing of sowing a seed into his ministry. The only money with me
was 700 Uganda shillings which is far about 30 cents. I was
not sure how I was going to provide for my family because I left home
with no basic needs. I had to sow the 700 shillings and pastor prayed a
blessing over me. After he prayed I felt joy and a relief that God was
going to provide for my family.
Two hours after the meeting a friend of mine gave me an equivalent of
2.5 US dollars that enabled me to purchase some basic goods!
Two days latter, My daughter who is in a boarding school got holidays
and had 8 other schoolmates with her that had planned to come to our
church for a one week evangelism before they go to their homes. We
still had no money to pick them from school neither food to feed the
family at home. We needed about 2.5 dollars to fuel somebody's car to
pick the girls. We called a pastor friend who has a car to help us and
pick the girls but he was out of town. However he asked for our
telephone number and sent us an equivalent of 10 US $! Wow praise the
Lord, we got food for the family and also fueled a friend's car and
picked the girls.

4 hours later, a commercial motorbike rider that normally carries me to
work, called and had brought us a big bunch of bananas and fruits as a
gift for my four months old baby.

The following day on Sunday, I did not have transport to church but I
had to exercise my faith and I went to the road waiting for God to send
a car to take me to church. After 40minutes as I was about to give up, a
car stopped and he drove us to where we were going. After that he drove back to town meaning he had no agenda where he was
going but God brought him to drive us to our destination!

Yesterday, we received some free Avocados and Maize Corn which will
provide a meal for several days.

I thank God who is teaching me to live by faith and for the teaching of
Pastor George on Faith.

The 700hundred Shilling seed provided for my family of over 15people food for all
these days until now!

Am grateful that Pastor George received my seed and it fell on fertile

God bless you and bless Glory Harvest International Ministry

From  Pastor(Mrs) A. N. Kimbowa
HigherLife Church Uganda

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